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Steve Azar
Steve Azar
Delta Soul, Vol. 1

Original Release Date:  November 8, 2011

Track Listing
  • 1. Highway 61 [Delta Mix] [Version]
  • 2. Flatlands [Delta Mix] [Version]
  • 3. Mississippi Minute [Delta Mix] [Version]
  • 4. Gonna Be Good Luvin' U [Delta Mix] [Version]
  • 5. Bluestune [Delta Mix] [Version]
  • 6. Indianola [Delta Mix] [Version]
  • 7. Doin' It Right [Delta Mix] [Version]
  • 8. Goin to Beat The Devil [Delta Mix] [Version]
  • 9. The River's Workin' [Delta Mix] [Version]
  • James House: Guitar (Acoustic), Composer, Vocals (Background)
  • Phil Madeira: Hammond B3
  • A.J. Masters: Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Composer
  • Tony Colton: Composer
  • Chad Cromwell: Drums
  • Jim DeMain: Mastering
  • Mark Easterling: Guitar (Electric), Slide Guitar
  • Ben Fowler: Tracking
  • Kevin Grantt: Bass
  • Kenny Greenberg: Guitar (Electric)
  • Mills Logan: Mixing, Tracking
  • Gary Morse: Guitar (Steel), Weissenborn
  • Roger Murrah: Composer
  • Rafe Van Hoy: Composer
  • Jonathan Yudkin: Strings
  • Jason Young: Harmonica, Percussion, Composer, Vocals, Vocals (Background), Design, Art Conception, Layout
  • Pamela Springsteen: Photography
  • Tim Lauer: Piano, Hammond B3
  • Tommy Rocco: Composer
  • Dr. Rudy Miller: Drums
  • Steve Azar: Guitar (Acoustic), Composer, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Vocals (Background), Producer, Tracking, Quotation Author
  • Leslie Richter: Tracking
  • Johnny Douglas: Composer
  • AJ Masters: Composer
  • Tom D'angelo: Bass
  • John Wallum: Piano, Clavinet, Hammond B3
  • Robert Hall: Cover Photo
  • Mike Solle: Guitar (Electric)
  • Bill Twyman: Executive Producer, Art Conception
  • Barbara Zarzaur: Photography
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